Virtual branch

Comprehensive customer service from any place at any time

Now your company can operate anywhere with advanced remote communication tools. Acquire clients even where you have no branches. All you need is our application and access to the internet. 

See how the virtual branch will develop your business

wirtualny oddział zwiększy zasięg twojej firmy. Możesz obsługiwać klientów z rożnych regionów

Extend the reach of the organization

Serve clients from any area. Provide clients with simple and intuitive tools for mobile communication. Allow clients to communicate from any device with internet access.

Reduce costs

Deal with your business online and limit the number and size of your branches. Centralize your customer service department and reduce overstaffing. Reduce the time needed to handle requests and increase employee efficiency. Also reduce the number of conversations with consultants thanks to self-service mechanisms.

wirtualny odział obniży koszty prowadzenia twojej firmy. Organizuj spotkania z klientami online
wirtualny odział daje ci możliwość prowadzenia biura bez wychodzenia z domu

Improve client satisfaction

Serve clients outside consultants’ working hours and enable them to use the services without leaving home. Inform your clients immediately about changes in the status of the cases being processed. Remind your clients of appointments, visits, reviews and other events.

Conduct paid consultations

Provide tools to participate in remote consultations. Send additional materials and access to the work results.  Use the tools to easily charge for services provided. Verify the payment before starting consultations.

Wykorzystaj wirtualny oddział i prowadź płatne konsultacje online

Virtual branch is a convenience for clients
and profit for the company

Explore the possibilities of the virtual branch

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