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We help companies to use the potential of multi-channel client communication. We show how the involvement of the whole company in conducting conversations influences the effectiveness of marketing, sales and client service. We advise on how to automate selected processes in order to reduce costs and increase the reach of the organization. We provide all-in-one tools that enable you to easily improve communication with your clients and develop your business effectively.

For 15 years we have been developing telecommunication systems supporting business. We listen carefully to our clients both at the implementation stage and during the operation of the solution. This allows us to understand the business needs in the area of client communication. We know the importance of simple operation, easy access to information and availability on many communication channels. We are also aware how important support is at every stage of the project. Thanks to this, we can deliver a product that increases the effectiveness of all areas of the company and guarantees business development.

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What makes us special?

We are passionate about new technologies and their application in business. Our success is determined by our contribution to the development of the companies we work with. To achieve this, we provide an all-in-one solution that is characterized by easy operation, high availability and functionality that allows for effective business development. Our business support allows for a rapid transformation that will help your organization grow faster.

The first step is a 30-minute conversation about your goals and needs. We will find areas with the greatest impact on the improvement of selected business processes. Together we will consider how to apply a modern Contact Center system to increase the effectiveness of selected areas in the company.

How do we accomplish this?

Our team

We are the core of the company. We develop competencies that allow us to understand business needs and provide services that increase process efficiency. We employ people who share our passion and commitment to uncompromising solutions. We are ready to help increase the effectiveness of marketing, sales, debt collection and client service.

Michał Kasiński Conpeek

Michał Kasiński

Patryk Szymański Conpeek

Patryk Szymański

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