PABX Switchboard

Freedom of communication within the company

Our PABX solution is a complete Unified Communication system that will enable you to efficiently transfer information between customer service teams.

See how the PABX Conpeek switchboard will improve your business

Improve work efficiency

Organize multimedia conferences with access from anywhere. Answer all incoming calls and refer the client directly to the appropriate team. Take advantage of communication tools for mobile workers.

Centrala pabx Conpeek -Zwiększ wydajność pracy
Centrala pabx Conpeek -obniż koszty swojego call center

Reduce costs

Provide employees with the tools to work remotely. Automate the configuration of IP phones. Reduce the costs of implementing telecommunications infrastructure and eliminate the costs of internal communication.

Perform integration quickly

Initiate calls from external applications and use existing databases to create an address book. Transfer important call information to external systems. Streamline login to the system using SSO.

szybko wykonuj integrację
Zwiększenie bezpieczeństwa danych

Enhance data security

Protect your information with an encrypted connection. Use double login and privilege control system. Make an automatic backup and protect yourself against data loss.

Select all-in-one PABX switchboard

All PABX tools are available in one application in a cloud or on-premise model. This allows you to launch the service in an instant and provide your consultants with intuitive use of the system from anywhere in the world.

Conpeek PABX Switchboard

The comfort of employees means better quality of communication with the client. That is why our PABX switchboard is a solution that facilitates cooperation between customer service teams.

See how Conpeek works

Explore the features of the PABX software from Conpeek

Basic calls

Two-way realization of internal and the public PSTN network calls.


Recording of calls on all available communication channels.


Displaying the caller's number


Restricting number display for outgoing calls.

Do not disturb

Automatic rejection of incoming calls.

Speed dial

Speed dialing of calls

Centrala pabx Conpeek komunikacja z klientem


Consultation by suspending the current call and making another one.

N-way call

Adding the persons being consulted to a joint conversation (Ad-Hoc Conference).

Conference Bridge

Setting up virtual conference rooms (Meet-Me Conference).


Graphical creation of embedded IVR decision trees.


Leaving voice messages for a user.

Call waiting

Enter queuing for incoming connections to the user.

oprogramowanie call center cdr

Hot desk

Logging in to IP phones, allowing the device to be used by many users.

Addres book

Managing address books made accessible to users.


Access to detailed information about calls.


Tarrification of outgoing calls in accordance with the configured rules.

Call policy

Managing permissions regarding incoming and outgoing calls.

Anti Fraud

Auto-blocking of outgoing traffic in accordance with the configured rules.

Call transfer

Transfer of an ongoing call in a chosen way:

Presence (BLF)

Monitor user status with the option of taking over the incoming call.

Call pickup group

Transfer of an ongoing call in a chosen way:

Call Forwarding

Forwarding of incoming calls in accordance with selected criteria.

oprogramowanie call center users

Hunting group

Distribution of incoming calls to a selected group of users in accordance with the selected strategy.

Centrala PABX Conpeek - hounting groups

Auto provisioning

Auto-configuration of IP phones in accordance with the system settings.

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