Convenience and data security

Would you like to implement a platform for comprehensive communication with the client, which works stably, is easy to use and its functions can be flexibly adapted to the needs of your company? Use cloud solutions.

Discover the benefits of software to communicate with the client in the cloud

Korzystaj z Conpeek na cloud Obniżasz koszty utrzymania systemu

Reduce system maintenance costs

Using cloud technology, you do not need to involve your team in maintaining your server infrastructure. There are no server fees, and the company’s power consumption is reduced. You also do not need space for additional equipment, that reduces the cost of renting office space.

Ensure a flexible system

Applications maintained in the cloud guarantee smooth operation regardless of the number of posts. Free and maintenance-free updates regularly provide new functionalities and improved software versions to ensure trouble-free system operation.

Utrzymywanie aplikacji w chmurze gwarantuje sprawne ich działanie
Cloud zwiększa bezpieczeństwo twoich danych

Enhance data security

Cloud solutions offered by Conpeek will strengthen security of data storage and processing. We apply thorough database access control in your company and built-in backup as well as restore mechanisms. Your and your clients’ information is well guarded.

Improve the convenience of use

With cloud solutions, you can install the software and configure its functions in an instant. You do not have to install applications on a PC. All you need is internet access and you have access to all the software from anywhere in the world. Cloud services operate on a subscription basis, so we do not require a long-term contract.

Dzięki rozwiązaniom w chmurze cloud błyskawiczne zainstalujesz oprogramowanie

We use the latest cloud technology

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