Unified Messaging

Receive a message from every communication channel

Unified Messaging system allows you to quickly respond to messages coming from different sources: SMS, e-mail, fax, WebMessage, social media messages. A consistent WEB interface improves work ergonomics and allows access to messages from any device connected to the network.

See how Unified Messaging technology makes it easier for your clients to communicate with your company

Unified messaging rozwiń produktywność

Improve your productivity

Easily and quickly handle all types of messages with the intuitive all-in-one application. One multi-channel mailbox will give you an instant overview of your conversation history. Do not miss any message from the client thanks to clear notifications of pending mail.

Optimize costs

Reduce infrastructure costs and receive all messages within one platform in the cloud technology. Save on support services. Reduce the cost of maintaining your workstations and take advantage of the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world

Unified messaging ogranicz koszty
Unified messaging zwiększ satysfakcje klienta

Increase customer satisfaction

Send the request to the selected consultant by threading all types of messages. Communicate with your clients using their favorite message channels and change the way of communication freely.

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Explore the Conpeek Unified Messaging technology features


Conpeek system users have the ability to process messages using all key technologies.


SMS channel allows you to receive and send SMS.


E-mail channel allows you to receive and send e-mails.

Web Message

Web message channel allows you to receive messages sent via the WWW form.


Voicemail channel allows you to listen to any left voicemail messages.


Fax channel allows you to send and receive FAX documents.


Facebook channel allows you to send and receive entries, comments and FB messages.


Messages sent using the system are appropriately classified and assigned to new or existing conversations. Therefore, a single conversation can only be taken by a single consultant, thus ensuring that subsequent messages are handled by a person who knows exactly what the topic is about.

Wiadomości w aplikacji conpeek

One Design​

Conpeek users have at their disposal the universal interface to manage all types of messages. Above all, thanks to this function, consultants are effectively notified about incoming messages and are able to perform operations related to a given conversation from one place.

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