Ticketing system

Respond to each request

Helpline, chat, SMS, e-mail, request form – your clients contact you in different ways and you want to handle all the submissions. Only a transparent ticketing system will enable efficient communication between service staff. Our request registration system will sort out incoming events so that all are handled quickly.

See how the Conpeek request handling system will speed up ticketing

Improve the quality of the handling of requests

Ensure that all client requests are responded to 24 hours a day and that the terms and conditions are met. Accept the request through your favorite client communication channel. Close the case at first contact.

System ticketowy poprawiający jakość obsługi zgłoszeń
system do obsługi zgłoszeń obniżający koszty

Reduce costs

The ticketing system will automate the handling of repeated requests and shorten the time of ticket handling by a consultant. Provide remote assistance tools and reduce the number of business trips. Send clients information about the progress of their request automatically.

Organize your work with increased efficiency

Identify and solve problems based on repeated incidents. Direct requests immediately to people with the right competencies. Manage requests from any device and any location. Prioritize the resolution of requests. Provide employees with information on the status of requests.

system ticketowy dla firm dla wydajniejszej pracy

Check the possibilities of our system to handle requests

Contact us and you will receive a demo version of the Conpeek ticketing system

During the demo presentation you will find out: