Quickly combine data from different sources

Flexible business processes require cooperation between different external systems. Conpeek has built-in solutions that ensure fast and seamless flow of data between databases of external systems to improve communication with the client.

Discover how easy it is for you to use the Conpeek system integrations in client communication

Develop applications

Respond to any client request 24 hours a day to comply with the SLA. Accept the request through the client’s favourite communication channel and close the case at the first contact.

rozwijaj aplikacje przez integracje z innymi aplikacjami
automatyzuj konwersacje

Automate the conversions with the client

Develop your own applications to control call and message processing. Automate processes through integration with external systems and artificial intelligence mechanisms such as ASR or TTS. Use the BotSDK libraries supplied with the Conpeek system.

Ensure data exchange with other applications

Use data from other systems to automate client communication. Transfer data related to conducted conversations to external CRM or ERP systems. Enable automatic client identification. Provide all employees with quick access to data from any application. Use the feature-rich API for this.

wymiana danych z innymi aplikacjami integracja z systemem conpeek
Wspieraj swoich konultantów wykorzystaj integrację systemu

Support the consultants during the conversations

Provide access to data from external systems during the conversation. Provide hints on how the conversation should be conducted based on the data gathered. Automate processes in external systems. Use interactive scripts for consultants.

Perform integration easily and conveniently

Use ready-made plugins for popular CRM systems and online stores. Start the single sign-on mechanism using ADSF technology. If you have a system for which we do not have ready-to-use tools, please contact us. Together we will think about the best solution.

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The implementation of business processes in an organization often requires integration of many system solutions responsible for performing their intended functions. The Conpeek system provides a series of tools to build processes that increase the efficiency of the company.

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