Unified Communication

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Unified Communication

The integration of different means of communication makes it possible to stay in touch with the customer regardless of the location. In Conpeek, all means of communication, devices and media are integrated. Depending on your needs, you can communicate through chat, audio or video channels with the ability to share your desktop as well as upload files and photos.

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Depending on their business needs and devices used, the Conpeek system users can use chat, audio and video communication channels.


Chat channel includes file transfer functionality, it allows for a transfer of any files in both directions during the call.


Video channel includes screen share functionality, which allows you to present a desktop or a selected application to other participants of a conference.

Użytkownicy systemu Conpeek mają możliwość zastosowania w komunikacji kanałów chat, audio oraz video, w zależności od potrzeb biznesowych oraz wykorzystywanych urządzeń.
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Conpeek users can use three types of devices in order to ensure their high level of availability on selected communication channels.

Użytkownicy systemu Conpeek, w celu zapewnienia wysokiej dostępności na wybranych kanałach komunikacji mogą korzystać z trzech rodzajów urządzeń.


Web communicator that can be run in web browsers supporting HTML5 and WebRTC technologies. Chat, audio and video channels are supported. There is a light version of the communicator available, it can be installed on smartphones with Android/IOS operating system.


SoftPhone applications and IP Phone devices using the SIP 2/0 protocol. Audio and video channels are supported. Wide range and variety of devices of this type on the market allow for a perfect adjustment of the configuration to business needs


A mobile phone, thanks to which every mobile user of the system is easily available regardless of the accessibility to the Internet. Due to the use of telephony public network, only the audio channel is available.


Link Switch

Conpeek users can switch between devices during a call. Thanks to this functionality, when you leave your desk, you do not have to interrupt the conversation, you simply can put it on your mobile phone.

Użytkownicy systemu Conpeek mogą przełączać rozmowę pomiędzy urządzeniami w trakcie trwania połączenia. Dzięki tej funkcjonalności odchodząc od biurka nie trzeba przerywać rozmowy, a wystarczy przełączyć ją na telefon komórkowy.
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Predictible Routing

Conpeek system users can simultaneously use many different types of devices. For each of these types there is a possibility to set the priority and time of establishing a call. In addition, users can manage their availability by switching on only the desired devices. The system will attempt to establish a call with the selected user as desired, taking into account the required communication channels as well as the availability and the set priorities of the devices.