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Most of the existing communication processes in enterprises are based on standard PABX functionalities. Conpeek includes full PABX implementation. You can easily transfer the current configuration and then proceed to performing modifications in order to increase the efficiency of your business.

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Basic Calls

Two-way realization of internal and the public PSTN network calls.


Recording of calls on all available communication channels.


Displaying the caller's number


Restricting number display for outgoing calls.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Automatic rejection of incoming calls.

Speed Dial

Speed dialing of calls

w pabx Konsultacja poprzez zawieszenie aktualnego połączenia i wykonanie kolejnego.


Consultation by suspending the current call and making another one.

N-Way Call

Adding the persons being consulted to a joint conversation (Ad-Hoc Conference).

Conference Bridge

Setting up virtual conference rooms (Meet-Me Conference).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Graphical creation of embedded IVR decision trees.


Leaving voice messages for a user.

Personal Queue

Queuing of the calls incoming to a user.

Dostęp do szczegółowych informacji o połączeniach. cdr w pabx

Hot Desk

Logging in to IP phones, allowing the device to be used by many users.

Address Book

Managing address books made accessible to users.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Access to detailed information about calls.


Tarrification of outgoing calls in accordance with the configured rules.

Call Policy

Managing permissions regarding incoming and outgoing calls.

Anti Fraud

Auto-blocking of outgoing traffic in accordance with the configured rules.


Presence (BLF)

Interception of incoming calls to a selected user group.

Call Pickup Group

Interception of incoming calls to a selected user group.

Call Trensfer

Transfer of an ongoing call in a chosen way.

  • Consultaive Transfer
  • Blind Transfer
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Call Forwarding

Forwarding of incoming calls in accordance with selected criteria.




Przekierowania połączeń przychodzących zgodnie z wybranymi kryteriami.




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Hunting Group

Distribution of incoming calls to a selected group of users in accordance with the selected strategy.

Top Down


Ring All

Round Robin

Dystrybucja połączeń przychodzących do wybranej grupy użytkowników zgodnie z wybraną strategią.

Auto Provisioning

Auto-configuration of IP phones in accordance with the system settings.

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