Clients may use many channels of communication in order to contact the company. Conpeek supports various communication channels allowing you to choose the most convenient one. Regardless of the channel selected, all related data is saved in the client’s profile. Recordings of calls, conversation messages and uploaded files are all stored in a common storage space. Consultants have access to the history of contacts with their current caller, this allows for a thorough understanding of the client’s case and for personalized service.

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Contact Database

Conpeek allows you to maintain a contact database containing all the required information, as well as IDs for communication on selected channels. Determination of the preferred channel allows for automatic adjustment of the communication to the client’s expectations.

Contact History

Regardless of the chosen communication channel, all call and conversation information is linked to the client’s profile and the content may be archived within the available space.

GDPR Compliance

Conpeek is able to meet the requirements set out in the GDPR by ensuring proper protection of processed personal data and management of communication consents with regard to selected channels (Opt-In).

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