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Collaborate with clients by talking through different communication channels using a single
call center system.

Effective contact, mutual satisfaction and efficiency of business processes are the key to success in relations with the client.
By combining the features of Contact Center, Service Automation and PABX you can achieve this with the Conpeek platform.
Join us in setting the latest business and technological trends.

Unified Communication

Conpeek is the way to adapt real-time communication to your business needs.


Unified Communication

Conpeek is the way to adapt real-time communication to your business needs.

Predictible Routing...
Link Switch...

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Unified Messaging

Conpeek is to ensure uniform communication while using different technologies to send messages.

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Unified Messaging

Conpeek is to ensure uniform communication while using different technologies to send messages.

One Design...

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Conpeek guarantees that your clients will have the impression of being assisted by their personal consultants that are to provide a personalized experience.



Conpeek guarantees that your clients will have the impression of being assisted by their personal consultants that are to provide a personalized experience.

Contact Database...
Contact History...
Rodo Compilance...

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The implemented PABX functions allow for communication based on audio, video and chat channels.



The implemented PABX functions allow for communication based on audio, video and chat channels.

Basic Calls...

And many more!

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Project Concept

Users handling business processes in an organization are grouped and assigned to projects.


Project Concept

Users handling business processes in an organization are grouped and assigned to projects.

Multi Project...
Project State...
Consultant State...

And many more!

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Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is one of the basic tools for ensuring effective customer service. With advanced queuing, prioritizing and routing of calls and messages systems, we are confident that we are delivering the service our customers deserve and expect. Conpeek allows you to customize your ACD configuration to meet the specific needs of your business for all the required communication channels and messages.


Talk Script

Displaying scripts for the calls being made affects the effectiveness of conversations conducted by both newcomers and experienced consultants. Conpeek allows for the creation of talk scripts adapted to the skill level of the consultant.

Call Info

For many business processes it is crucial to record information about the course and outcome of the conversation. Conpeek allows you to define any set of elements to be filled in by a consultant during and after the conversation. This data is available both in the detailed information about a call and in the generated reports.

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Outbound Campaigns




The effectiveness of many business processes depends on the efficiency of the teams responsible for outgoing calls. Conpeek allows you to manage your voice campaigns in a flexible way and adapt them to the needs of your business. Campaigns can be run using an automatic dialer in preview, progressive and predictive modes.

The use of SMS and E-mail channels allows you to target marketing campaigns to a very wide group of recipients. In combination with the Invitation Link functionality, the person receiving a message can contact a consultant with a single click.

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Web Panel

The performance of the Conpeek system is achieved thanks to the modern and ergonomic WEB application. Depending on the user profile, the system allows you to manage services, handle calls on all channels, process messages and to perform other tasks related to the execution of business processes. Responsive design allows you to conveniently use the application on your PC, laptop or tablet.

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JS Web Plugin

Clients can communicate with consultants directly via the website. Conpeek provides a java script plugin that is really easy to configure. Allows for communication via video, audio and chat channels. It is also possible to request a conversation and leave a text message using the message form.

java script plugin na strone umożliwiający kontakt z klientem z twojej strony internetowej


Clients never again have to wait for a consultant to be available. Thanks to CallMe functionality it is possible to request calls both through the appropriate selection on the website while waiting for a call in the queue, as well as from the IVR decision tree. CallMe supports automatic dialer in preview, progressive and predictive modes.   


Conpeek provides a light smartphone app that also supports handling calls on all channels. It is an ideal tool for mobile consultants requiring multimedia communication.

Widok aplikacji conpeek z telefonu
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Recording is essential in many business processes. Conpeek allows you to archive all communication channels in “always” or “on demand” modes.

The storage time of recordings can be freely adjusted thanks to the possibility of flexible management of shared disk space.

Automated Customer Survey

Client feedback processing can be a very important tool for improving business processes. For this purpose, you can use automatic voice, e-mail or SMS surveys provided by Conpeek.  

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Ad-Hoc Conference

A successful conversation often requires a tripartite consultation with a specialist capable of supporting a consultant. Conpeek allows you to dynamically create conferences for all communication channels. 

Meet-Me Conference

Organizing meetings in virtual conference rooms allows you to achieve excellent results while optimizing time and costs. Conpeek provides conference bridges for all communication channels.

Work Agenda

The key element of effective implementation of business goals is the optimization of the team of consultants. Conpeek provides tools for planning their work and breaks.

wyglad monitoringu do pracy w call center


Conpeek allows you to track all the key parameters for your business processes in real time. This allows for making the right decisions quickly in order to achieve the intended business goal.


Conpeek allows you to start the monitoring process in a separate application that is usually displayed on large, clearly visible screens. Thanks to this functionality, consultants and coordinators can simultaneously perform work related to the implementation of business processes and observe key parameters and properly react to their changes. With the slide-show function you can share all the information you need even with a limited monitor screen space.

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Optimization of business processes requires appropriate tools for analysis and evaluation of organisation of work. Conpeek provides a wide range of reports that help you make the right decisions when it comes to making changes. The Report Wizard allows you to quickly draw appropriate conclusions by selecting the most suitable format for the presented data.

Invitation Link

If you wish to invite a client to a multimedia conversation, just send him/her a previously generated link through any channel. Clicking the generated link or copying it to a web browser will allow you to establish a call to a conference, a selected group of consultants or to a designated personal one.

Native CRM

Built-in CRM functions allow you to launch advanced business processes utilizing full customer information, including communication history on all available channels. The provided tools significantly increase clients’ satisfaction related to the quality of provided services, increase in the effectiveness of teams responsible for the reduction of service time, as well as increase in sales resulting from automation of processes based on dynamically generated contact lists.

Call Rating

Call rating provides important information essential for improving business processes. It allows you to identify the mistakes made during conversations and to quickly provide a suplementary training for a consultant so that he/she could correct them. Conpeek gives you the ability to define call rating cards and automatically qualifies the other calls for the process.



The implementation of business processes in an organization often requires integration of many system solutions responsible for performing their intended functions. The Conpeek system provides a series of tools to build processes that increase the efficiency of the company.

  • BSS API – REST interface which enables integration with any domain system (CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Communication SDK – Programming libraries that enable the implementation of business-oriented applications that allow multi-channel communication with customers. (WEB, ANDROID, IOS)
  • BOT SDK – Programming libraries that are responsible for creating applications that take control of calls, as well as for automation of business processes. (TTS, ASR)
  • Extensions – Ready-to-use plug-ins for domain systems allowing for easy and quick integration with the solution currently in use in an organization. (HubSpot, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.)

Why Conpeek?

Clients currently use different channels of communication with companies and expect the fastest possible response in the same way. They also do not want to waste time repeating the same pieces of information in every contact. The way in which the contact with the company’s representative takes place has a huge impact on the perception of the brand and on the client’s purchasing decisions. Therefore, we have to realize that traditional call center systems have long since ceased to be effective in achieving business goals.

Conpeek is the answer to the expectations of modern clients and enterprises – thanks to the combination of the best call center and contact center systems as well as Service Automation and PABX, you can manage relations not only with clients but also communication within the company more efficiently and effectively. Instead of installing call center system, crm or pabx separately, choose a modern solution that is our platform. Conpeek is much more than just an advanced software for telemarketing, it is an innovative tool that allows you to develop customer relationships regardless of the industry represented by the company!

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Welcome to the Conpeek website!

Welcome to the Conpeek website. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. It is noteworthy that Conpeek is a platform combining many functionalities. PABX, Unified Communication, Unified Messaging, Omnichannel and Project