Effectiveness of outgoing calls

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Effectiveness of outgoing calls
Effectiveness of outgoing calls

The effectiveness of establishing calls may have a great impact on the effectiveness of business processes implementation. An unsuccessful outgoing call means the lack of achieved business benefits related to the task being processed and the unused time of the consultant’s work. The ideal tool that improves contact effectiveness is the appropriate configuration of presentation strategy for outgoing calls in the project. The term presentation is understood as a number that is displayed on the client’s device. Let’s assume that our organization has a debt collection department whose task is to enforce receivables from clients by telephone.

Effectiveness of outgoing calls
First contact

In order to increase the effectiveness of calling the client as part of the first contact with him or her, the organization implemented the project Debt Collection First Contact on the presentation strategy for outgoing Pool Random calls. Therefore, each outgoing call presents a randomly selected number from the pool assigned to the project. Increasing the effectiveness of contact in the analyzed situation is based on the assumption that the client is more willing to answer an unwanted call from a number that cannot be associated with anything or anyone.


If the call is successful and the client is ready to repay the debt, it would be helpful for the client to know before the next call is received what the call is going to be about. For this purpose, the organization developed the project Settlement with presentation strategy for outgoing Project calls. Thanks to this solution, subsequent calls will always be presented with the same number that is recognizable by the client. Increasing the effectiveness of contact in this situation is based on the assumption that the client is more willing to answer a call from a number he or she is familiar with.

Above, we have presented examples of how Conpeek system can be used to implement presentation strategies for outgoing calls. In the exemplary projects described above, this leads to more efficient call answering.

The key elements that ensure success are:
  • Possibility of consultants working in many projects
  • Possibility to select a presentation strategy for outgoing calls
    • PREFIX
  • Possibility of defining the project within which the outgoing calls are made.