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What is a Call Center system?

What is a Call Center system? The Call Center system is a solution that provides advanced tools to support telephone contact with clients. Depending on the traffic handled, we divide them into Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center.

The first one handles incoming traffic, the second one handles outgoing calls. The tasks of Inbound include primarily helpline service, orders, complaints, as well as technical support and service support. Outbound , in turn, deals with customer acquisition, telemarketing, marketing and customer satisfaction research, promotion of new services and products. In Call Center systems we can distinguish three functional areas that improve the effectiveness of business processes in the organization. The first one is:

Service Automation

Automation of services related to customer communication directly influences the reduction of costs and improves the effectiveness of business processes in the organization. Well thought-out implementation of a properly selected system primarily allows you to:

  • support the selected processes without the participation of a consultant (Self Care).
  • shorten the time of conversation with the client (ATT – Average Talk Time).
  • reduce after-call service time (ACW – After Call Work).
  • reduce customer service time (AHT – Average Handling Time).
  • increase the efficiency of first contact service (FCR – First Call Resolution).
  • reduce in the number of abandoned calls (Abandon Rate)
  • receive calls with a high SLA (Service Level Agreement) standard.
  • improve the quality of ongoing calls (Call Quality).
  • increase the effectiveness of consultants’ work (Adherence).
  • reduce the call cost (Cost per Call).

All this translates into increased customer satisfaction, increased number of processed tasks and the ability to reduce the required number of employees. Therefore, a properly selected Call center system and well-thought-out implementation allow to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of business processes in the enterprise.


Monitoring is nothing more than keeping track of all the key parameters of a functioning Call Center system (consultant status, INBOUND/OUTBOUND campaign statistics, self care process statistics, etc.). Easy access to information presented in a clear way allows for quick making of appropriate organizational decisions aimed at adjusting the work of Call Center teams to the current situation. 


A wide range of reports from history data available in Call Center systems enables analysis and evaluation of work organization, as well as making the right organizational decisions aimed at adjusting the work of Call Center teams in the long term.  Thanks to this, planning related to business development becomes much easier.

In summary, the Call Center system is a set of tools that support business processes in the enterprise in terms of communication with clients. Successful implementation of a Call Center system in an organization requires two requirements. First of all, it is the choice of the right solution that will meet current needs and allow future processes to develop. Secondly, it is the choice of a partner who can listen and engages in cooperation both at the stage of launching and during the operation of the solution.

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