Profesjonalna obsługa klienta z wykorzystanie systemu Conpeek

Professional customer service – how does a contact center help to manage it?

According to the results of a study conducted in 2018, for 80% of the people surveyed, purchasing experience is as important as the products and services themselves. For several years now, client experience, including customer service, has been the main factor determining the company’s competitiveness on the market. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the overall experience with the brand, and professional customer service is often more important than product quality or price. 

If you coordinate the work of customer service teams, you are probably wondering how a modern contact center system can improve the comprehensive customer service. How does improving communication in the company build a positive client experience? The Conpeek system has been designed to meet the increasingly high expectations of clients. Discover which of the Conpeek system functionalities will satisfy your clients.

Instantaneous handling of cases

Client requirements in relation to the speed of receipt and solution of the request are increasing. It is also one of the most important criteria by which clients evaluate the service. Efficient call distribution in the contact center system means queuing calls and prioritizing them. This ensures that no request will be missed and will quickly reach the right consultant.

Professional customer service also means quick access to the information by the consultants themselves. Conpeek offers conversation scripts and the use of the company’s knowledge base during the conversation with the client. Your consultants can close the request at the first contact, which your clients will appreciate for sure.

Client convenience above all

Clients want to contact the company not only quickly but also conveniently. If they were unable to reach the consultant, the Conpeek system will start a callback service. However, if the client contacts the service once again, thanks to the IVR service, he will be directed directly to the appropriate team or tutor who will handle his/her request.

Clients also no longer want to be limited by the consultants’ working hours. Thanks to the use of chatbots and AI mechanisms, the Conpeek software will enable the client to contact the company 24 hours a day.

An important functionality affecting the comfort of customer service is also the ability to handle the matter remotely. A smartphone or tablet should be sufficient to establish a customer service relationship. That is why in Conpeek we enable Communication SDK in WWW/Android/iOS technologies. We provide a lightweight, quick to install and easy to use mobile application for clients.

Omnichannel - open communication through a number of channels

Multichannel however, is not enough for modern clients. Clients also expect to be able to switch from one channel to another even during the conversation itself. They also do not want to repeat the same details when they change channel or consultant.

Clients also no longer want to be limited by the consultants’ working hours. Thanks to the use of chatbots and AI mechanisms, the Conpeek software will enable the client to contact the company 24 hours a day.

Such facilities are offered by the Conpeek unified communications or unified messaging. Consultants quickly find the history of the previous conversation in order to continue to deal with the client efficiently.

Personalization of communication with the client

Clients do not want to be seen as one of the dozens of tickets that consultants accept every day. Clients value the company’s customer service for its subjective, personalized approach. Therefore, during the conversation, the consultant should have access to a record of the client’s contacts with the company and the data that facilitate the smooth closing of the request such as recordings or transcripts of calls.

The Conpeek platform includes a dedicated online CRM system or can quickly integrate with an external CRM system. This allows you to collect, organize and share all the information you need to effectively serve your client regardless of the type of request.

"Do it yourself" for clients

Modern contact center systems develop self-service modules. Instead of waiting for a connection with a consultant, the client may try to solve his/her own issue individually, especially if such an issue is of standard nature. This saves time – not only of your clients but also of your consultants. Conpeek supports IVR and IWRS services, as well as client access to the knowledge library, so that the client can find the information he/ she needs personally.

On the other hand, clients still value direct contact with a living person the most. Therefore, despite the advanced self-service technologies, the Conpeek contact center platform allows you to call a consultant at any stage of self-servicing. Comprehensive customer service therefore combines efficient contact with a consultant with self-service tools.

What do our clients think about us

Accurate, reliable client feedback is extremely important if you want to improve your customer service. That is why in the Conpeek system you will find automatic voice, email or SMS surveys, which are used to study client satisfaction.

It is important for the customer survey system to be clear, legible and collect key information to improve customer service. In the Conpeek system, you can flexibly adjust each survey to your own needs according to the established client satisfaction indicators.

Data security

In the era of tightening GDPR provisions, an increasing number of clients pay attention to the security of data sharing and storage. That is why the Conpeek customer service platform has solutions to strengthen database access control – encrypted connections or two-factor login.

The security of the customer service system is supported by cloud solutions. The Conpeek system has built-in backup and restore mechanisms.

What about employer experience?

Client satisfaction depends on a satisfied consultant. That is why the Conpeek customer service software also pays attention to employer experience.

The Conpeek platform provides a web application that has been designed for the comfort of consultants’ work. It allows for intuitive management of connections on all channels, and the responsive design allows for comfortable use of applications both on PC, laptop and tablet.

It is worth noting that remote customer service is not only a convenience for the client, but also for the employee. Customer service teams are increasingly working in a distributed model, which is why Conpeek supports on-line working technologies through an application for mobile consultants requiring multimedia communication.

The contact center platform is one of the most important elements of company development. The more flexible it is, the more it uses modern technology, the more it is connected to the business goals of the organization, the better it can support professional customer service.

Interested in seeing how the Conpeek communication system supports customer service? Contact us and experience the demo version.

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