Jak organizacja pracy wpływa na efektywność Call Center

How does work organization affect the effectiveness of the Call Center?

Work organization in Contact Center is usually based on a project model, i.e. a certain set of tasks closely related to the position and scope of a consultant’s duties.

One of the examples can be an employee of the complaints department who is responsible for receiving calls as well as processing messages and complaints. Unfortunately, as will be shown below, due to low flexibility, the model of a consultant working on one project simply does not work in the everchanging business conditions.

Sooner or later, the increase in the effectiveness of business operations in an organization will require the assignment of a consultant to a number of projects.

Prioritisation of projects

The exemplary organization sells books, music products and games. Due to the fact that selling books is the key activity of the said organization, it was decided that the handling of complaints regarding books should be a priority. The Complaints project was divided into three product groups, to each of which employees of the Complaints Department were assigned. As expected, the Books project has been given the highest priority.

Assigning additional tasks to a consultant

Based on the available reports, it was found that often the number of complaints is relatively small, because of that and due to the additional free time, consultants can handle inquiries regarding the processing of orders. Complaints department employees have been also assigned to the Orders project. With the right configuration of priorities, the organization can be sure that this change will not interfere with the processing of complaints.

Transfer of traffic from the project

Every day during peak hours, the organization receives an increased number of calls in the Helpline project. With a fixed number of consultants, this can result in extended waiting times, dissatisfaction of customers or even in losing them. It was decided to redirect all the calls with the waiting time exceeding one minute to backup consultants. Complaints department staff have been added to the second layer of the Helpline project in order to handle the calls as planned with due priority.

In conclusion:

We have presented several examples of the implementation of the project concepts that are to help organize the work of Contact Center teams. In each of them we have managed to improve the efficiency of various business processes. The key elements that ensure success are:

  • Possibility to assign users to multiple projects
  • Possibility of defining supported channels in particular projects
  • Possibility to define a working mode in a project
  • Possibility of setting priorities for a project and a consultant
  • Independent reporting and monitoring regarding each project.
Advantages of projects implementation with Conpeek:
  • Efficient use of a consultant’s working time
  • Prioritisation of calls in accordance with the subject matter
  • Adapting communication channels to the relevant topics
  • Possibility of controlled discharge of seasonal traffic
  • Selective reports allowing for easy assessment of organisation of work.

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