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How to use the Omnichannel Call Center for customer service?

How to use the Omnichannel Call Center? – In the age of the Internet and social media, voice communication is no longer sufficient for many people. Voice channel is still the basic form of conversation, but other methods of communication are increasingly important. Telecommunications solutions providers have been distributing Unified Communications systems for many years, they allow for the use of chat, audio and video channels for internal communication and the creation of virtual conference rooms. The question arises how to use modern telecommunications technologies in contact with clients of the Internet and social media era. The answer to this are Omnichannel solutions, which allow for customer service in the way preferred by him/her.

Imagine a company operating in the area of motor insurance. The organization deals with both the sale of insurance and claims adjustment. Let’s have a look at the latter. Such reports are registered by phone. The Contact Center team responsible for customer service in this area has been assigned to the “Claims Adjustment” project with the use of an audio channel as part of it. During a short telephone conversation, a consultant collects all relevant information related to the claim and arranges a visit of an adjuster in order to make an inspection and valuation of it. The conducted analyses have shown that the process of claim adjustment is very costly, and the time of proceedings counted from the moment of reporting to the decision on payment of compensation definitely exceeds the limits accepted by the clients. The Management Board decided to launch a project aimed at improving the efficiency of the claims adjustment process.

Remote inspection

The biggest cost in this process is generated by the visit of an adjuster to the client. It was decided to introduce the possibility of remote evaluation of claims. In the Contact Center system, in the “Claims Adjustment” project, additional chat and video channels were launched. In order to enable contact with the use of new means of communication, the clients were provided with an application for smartphone devices and a plug-in for establishing and requesting calls was launched on the website. In the case of calls on a video channel, their recordings may be considered a part of the documentation on a given case. During chat/audio/video calls, customers can take photos in accordance with the consultant’s instructions, they are automatically sent to the agent and recorded in the call history, that may also constitute documentation on the case. Thanks to such a solution, in most cases the adjuster’s visit to the client is not required.

omnichannel call center using the conpeek application

Reporting channels

Another area, where optimization can be carried out, is the handling of claims reporting. It turned out that collecting information about the claim and filling in all the necessary forms by a consultant during a phone call was very time-consuming. Additionally, in periods of sudden weather changes, the number of claims is so high that clients cannot reach the number indicated by the insurer. To eliminate this problem, it was decided to launch WebMessage and Email channels as well as to enable CallMe service in the “Claims Adjustment” project. WebMessage channel allows you to notify about a claim through an accessible form by using a plugin on the website. Email channel allows clients to send a protocol with all the necessary data to the indicated e-mail address. Thanks to CallMe service, customers who prefer traditional form of communication can resign from waiting for a consultant and request a call.

Case worker

The analysis of the claims adjustment process revealed another important element requiring optimization. After reporting a claim, the client is assigned a case worker, who from that moment on takes over all the documentation concerning the case and it is also the case worker who contacts the client. The client is sent an e-mail with a phone number to the case worker. Customers, however, often call the claims adjustment department without contacting their case worker first. In this case, the call must be redirected to the appropriate consultant. This results in unnecessary strain on the claims adjustment team and significantly increases the time of customer service. The solution to the problem turned out to be very simple. It was decided to activate the system of customer identification and to direct calls and e-mails to the appropriate case worker. In addition, a system for generating and sharing references to clients in the form of a link with an invitation to a conversation has been introduced. Clicking the link or copying it to a web browser allows you to quickly establish a connection on selected channels of communication.

We presented an example of using the Conpeek system to optimize the efficiency of the business processes using the Omnichannel call center concept. The use of the discussed tools has led to a significant reduction of operating costs in the organization and has satisfied the client. The key elements that ensure success are:

  • Unified Communications – handling of calls on chat/audio/video channels
  • Unified Messaging – WebMessage / Email / Sms / Voicemail / Fax / Facebook messaging
  • WebPlugin – a web plugin enabling communication from the website
  • Communicator – an application for smartphone devices that allows clients to communicate with the Contact Center teams
  • InvitationLink – a mechanism that allows you to generate and share links to projects, allowing you to quickly set up connections on selected channels.

Check how Omnichannel Call Center Conpeek works.

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