Spersonalizowana komunikacja

What business opportunities does personalized multimedia communication offer?

Personalized multimedia communication – In the era of the Internet and social media, almost every organization faces the challenge of launching appropriate channels of communication with the client and effective use of them to achieve business objectives. Modern technologies open up new opportunities and their proper application builds a competitive advantage on the market.
Let’s follow this up with a private clinic that provides comprehensive medical services such as consultations, research and treatments.
In order to meet the expectations of patients, the company has launched a system for booking visits and downloading test results online.

The clinic made these functionalities available through a patient panel on the website and through a dedicated smartphone application. Automation of these processes not only had a positive impact on the image of the organization, but also reduced the costs of patient service.

Patient service

It turned out that despite the available tools, patients often expect additional explanations when booking visits and make phone calls to the reception desk for this purpose. Due to the need to identify the caller and the obligation to inform about the recording of calls, the process is significantly prolonged, which negatively affects its effectiveness. To remedy this, a decision was taken to integrate multimedia communication into the applications that are made available. Patients logged in to the system can now set up a chat/audio/video connection with consultants working at the reception desk directly from the web application or smartphone. As part of this call, the patients are automatically identified, can accept screen-based consents, and can send and receive documents related to the matter. 

Online consultations

The integration of multimedia communication with the application for patients has opened up new business opportunities. The analysis of medical consultations in terms of the possibility of their remote implementation has shown that with the use of appropriate tools, in many cases it is possible and even recommended due to the high availability of the service. To the web and smartphone application have been added the following services: online visit booking and quick remote consultation with the doctor on duty. Consultations may be conducted using chat/audio/video channels. Patients are automatically identified, and before the connection is established, the system authorizes the patient to verify his or her eligibility. During the conversation, the patient can take pictures and send them to the doctor. It is also possible to transfer files in both directions. Both the content of the conversation and the transferred material are archived and can be included in the patient’s medical records. The launch of remote consultation not only increased the availability of the service, but also increased the availability of specialist doctors who can provide it.

Above we presented an example of using Conpeek system to develop services in an organization with the use of personalized multimedia communication. The use of the discussed tools has influenced the cost optimization and increased the availability of services. It also opened new opportunities for cooperation with business partners. 

The key elements that ensure success are:

  • Communication SDK – tools enabling easy integration of communication in Conpeek with external applications (JavaScript/Android/iOS).
  • Invitation Link – a mechanism that allows you to generate and share links to projects, allowing you to quickly set up connections on selected channels.
  • Unified Communications – support for calls on chat/audio/video channels.

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