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What possibilities does a modern contact center offer to the organization?

Over 90% of Polish people use customer service offices. Most often they want to solve problems related to the use of the product, get advice or make a complaint. However, for an organization, contact center is currently a universal business tool. The consultant can inform about the promotions, accept the order, make the payment, collect consumers’ opinions or carry out debt collection.

A modern contact center affects the productivity of all areas of the organization and supports the involvement of employees in high quality customer service. What are the main benefits for the company using a modern contact center platform?

Faster, smoother, safer

The main goals that entrepreneurs currently set for contact center systems are to:

  • increase client satisfaction,
  • improve consultant’s work comfort,
  • reduce costs.

Modern contact centers do a great job in this respect. Thanks to all-in-one solutions, contact center guarantees a fast flow of information, increasing the effectiveness of work of consultants from different departments. The automation of processes and self-service mechanisms accelerate the handling of requests, and the maintenance of infrastructure in the cloud significantly reduces system maintenance costs and increases its stability.

Client satisfaction is also affected by the omnichannel solution and virtualization of customer service points. Thanks to these technologies, the client can freely contact multiple channels, regardless of where he/she is. At the same time, the company can increase its range of operations, gaining clients even where there are no stationary branches.

Many of the business benefits introduced by the modern contact center are strongly related to the specificity of the company’s business areas. Marketing, sales, back-office or debt collection – in each of these departments a modern contact center can streamline processes.

See how well used contact center develops the capabilities of the whole company or enterprise.

More leads, more clients

The modern contact center gives a lot of support to the people responsible for client acquiring in the company. The contact center system helps the marketing department to collect, organize and raise the profile of the leads more efficiently. The integration of the contact center with the CRM system facilitates the storage of client data and cooperation of the marketing department with the sales department.

Contemporary contact center platforms also allow to track the activity of contacts and examine their interest in specific products and services. This makes communication with the client as personalized as possible, which helps to build a positive client experience with the brand.

Modern contact center platforms also analyze conversion results for paid campaigns on the Internet and examine the effectiveness of mass campaigns. This makes marketing activities profitable because they are based only on really effective processes.

Growing sales

Integration of the sales department with the contact center makes it easier for consultants to take advantage of every sales opportunity. On the one hand, contact center systems have extensive telemarketing tools. Multimedia meetings with clients or multi-channel campaigns are facilities that increase the effectiveness and reach of sales operations.

On the other hand, modern contact center systems support the work of salespeople also in the field, e.g. by arranging sales meetings. The tablet or smartphone applications also allow you to conveniently contact the database from anywhere, to speed up the final closing of transactions.

It is also worthwhile to take advantage of the contact center’s possibilities to sell at the same time as the customer contacts the CSC. Cross-sell and up-sell, thanks to personalized data to which the consultant has quick access, is a very effective way to increase sales. Such a combination of customer service and sales processes can also improve the company’s internal communication, integrating the activities of various departments around the achievement of major business objectives.

Efficient facilities

Good communication in the administrative area of the company has a significant connection with external customer service. Therefore, the modern contact center also streamlines back-office processes to speed up the operations of the entire company.

Automatic transfer of data to the CRM system, archiving and optimization of document circulation or organization of group audio and video calls are just some of the functionalities supported by the contact center platform as part of internal communication.

The idea of modern contact center systems is to include back-office employees in customer service, marketing and sales. Back-office employees can use the advanced reporting functions of the contact center system to collect data obtained during marketing and sales activities. The analysis of this data allows to quickly diagnose whether marketing, sales or customer service processes are carried out according to the assumed standards.

Keeping an eye on finances

A good contact center system, together with the company, takes care of financial liquidity. The debt collection is the least rewarding type of communication with the client. However, including debt collection in the scope of the contact centre operations may increase the effectiveness of debt repayment.

The effectiveness of debt collection depends largely on efficient client communication. Many of the functionalities of the contact center system (e.g. random rotation of outgoing call numbers, videoconferencing, call scripts) facilitate reaching the debtor and negotiations.

Extensive possibilities of integration of a modern contact center system with external systems also improve debt collection. The connection with the CRM system or the payment system will enable the debt collector to operate more efficiently.

Modern contact center - expand your business even further

Introducing a contact center system to the company, which is equipped with a number of advanced functions of communication with the client, is certainly a good idea. Currently, the contact center platform no longer serves only customer service, but is able to develop every business area of the company. This means better use of the company’s resources to realize the assumed growth of the company.

If you want to see how a modern contact center platform can help your company actively develop, please contact us. We will introduce you to the possibilities of the Conpeek comprehensive system for communication with clients.

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