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How to ensure proper order of client service in the Call Center?

How to ensure proper order of client service in the Call Center? An important element of effective business management is contact with clients. If the clients are satisfied with the contact with an organization, it can be considered as a success of communication of such a company.

Often, however, companies do not pay attention to whether their clients are served effectively. Sometimes the contact with the customer service department is hampered by the disorganized work of the consultants who answer the calls. This is mainly due to the lack of optimization of the team of consultants.  A specially adapted communication platform can provide a solution to such a problem.

The ideal situation during the work of the Contact Center team occurs when two conditions are met. Firstly, when we have an even load on the system, and secondly, when the tasks never wait in queue for the assignment of a consultant. The best example illustrating a given situation can be a team of employees servicing the helpline in an organization. If consultants most of the time are busy handling calls from clients and the new incoming ones are serviced by the available consultants without waiting, we are dealing with the said ideal situation.

incoming calls in call center

However, this kind of situation only occurs occasionally and for short period of time. In other cases, we face one of the two situations:

  • Consultants spend most of their time idle and incoming calls are answered without waiting. In this case, customers are served immediately, but given the permanent status, an organization bears too high costs associated with inefficiently used workstations.
  • Consultants are always busy and incoming calls are queued until there are available ones. In this case, the workstations are used optimally, but the quality of service can be reduced below the tolerable level if the waiting time exceeds the acceptable limit.

The acceptable waiting time limit depends on several factors. Projects and Priorities are the tools that will allow us to properly organize the work of the Contact Center team.

Subject of the conversation

The most important factor, which determines the acceptable waiting time of a client, is the subject of the conversation. Let’s go back to the example from the beginning of the article, let’s imagine that our organization handles emergency calls. They are not particularly common, but we need to make sure that they are served first. For this purpose, the Emergency Calls project was created, to which all consultants from the Helpline project team were assigned. The Emergency Calls project has achieved the proper call sequencing by giving it a higher priority.

Competences of a consultant

While organizing the work of the Contact Center team, one should not forget about the competences of consultants. Our clients want to talk to a person with experience and knowledge of the problem with which they turn to us. Say, that in our organization some of the consultants are assigned simultaneously to the Helpline and Complaints projects. From the business point of view, both areas are equally important, so projects have the same priority assigned. Ensuring the highest quality of service has been achieved by giving consultants different priorities, thanks to that, when they become available, they first take action on a subject in which they have higher competences.

Client’s Category

The last parameter with which we can influence the waiting time of connections in the queue, is the prioritization of incoming calls. Suppose that our organization has a group of VIP clients who should be handled out of order in the Complaints project. In order to meet the expectations of the business, it should be enough to create a proper configuration of VIP client identification in the system and assign them the appropriate priority.

We have presented a few tools of Conpeek system that allow for control of waiting time of incoming calls. They allow to determine the proper priority of the conversation depending on the issue, the consultant’s competence and the client’s category. By applying the above solutions we can organize the work of the Contact Center team in an optimal way, i.e. in such a way that the consultants are busy most of the time and their work is effective, while the waiting time for incoming calls does not exceed an acceptable limit.

The key elements that ensure success are:

  • Definition of priorities for projects
  • Determination of project importance for the consultant
  • Prioritization of pending calls/tasks
  • Tools that enable manual or automatic identification of the client.

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