Wybierz rozwiązanie call center, contact center lub pabx

Which system should you choose for your company - PBX, Call Center or Contact Center?

Contact center system, Call center or PABX – which one to choose? When looking for the right solution for communication in your company, you can choose from many platforms. They differ from each other in the offered range of functionalities and, consequently, in the price. Most often, system providers classify them into one of three groups: PABX, Call Center or Contact Center. What solution should we choose for our organization? Certainly, the answer to this question should be to started by defining how these systems differ from each other.

PABX - telephone switchboard

The name PABX is commonly used for telecommunication switchboards with advanced functions for handling telephone calls in an organization. PABX systems allow for internal calls, communication with the public telephone network (PSTN), automation of the distribution of incoming calls, teleconferencing and basic reporting.


Call Center system

The Call Center name has been assigned to systems that provide advanced tools supporting telephone contact with customers. Depending on the traffic handled, we divide them into Inbound Call Center and Outbound Call Center. The first one handles incoming traffic, the second one handles outgoing calls. The tasks of Inbound Call Center include primarily helpline service, orders, complaints, as well as technical support and service support. Outbound Call Center, in turn, deals with customer acquisition, telemarketing, marketing and customer satisfaction research, promotion of new services and products. The key element of Call Center systems is advanced reporting allowing for the analysis of the effectiveness of business processes.

Contact Center system

The name Contact Center appeared on the market relatively recently. The very rapid development of the Internet and mobile services resulted in the creation of new communication channels. Responding to the needs of the market, the Contact Center system expands the capabilities of the Call Center with integrated support for new forms of contact. These are channels such as chat, video, sms, email, facebook, twitter and whatsapp. Contact Center systems also introduce more advanced tools to automate business processes (Service Automation), allowing for the introduction of cost and quality optimization.

So what solution should you choose?
The choice of a solution is usually determined by three factors:
  • Meeting the current expectations of business
  • Possibility of developing business processes
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO

Is it possible to find a solution that meets all the three factors?

If we take a good look at the definitions of these three classes of solutions, we will notice that they represent the next stages of the development of technological solutions that are designed to support business in enterprises. A well-designed Contact Center system will implement all the currently required functions. At the same time, it will not restrict the development of business processes in the organization. There is still a budget left to discuss while implementing the solution. Using a flexible licensing system, the cost of an advanced Contact Center solution does not exceed the cost of PABX in any way. The cost  solely depends on the functions of the system that will be activated for individual workstations. 

Above all, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to try the Conpeek product, which implements PABX functions, Call Center system and Contact Center system. It allows for optimal cost-oriented adaptation of the functionality to different workstations.

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